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Join other students across Canada for virtual events focussed on food! While we can't meet in person, we can find new ways to connect with good food and each other.

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About your host:

Amber is a Gender and Women's Studies student at Lakehead University. She is passionate about the topic of food security in relation to diet culture and looking at how suggested diet practices are not always sustainable or accessible.

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This is a free ticket event

About your host:

Isabel Teramura (they/them) is a fifth-year student of Contemporary Studies at University of King's College, interested in the intersection between food, social justice, and urban design.

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About your host:

Bronwyn is an Honours Political Science student at the University of Regina who works to improve civic engagement in her community. She is interested in how public policy can address Canada’s food security crisis.

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About your host:

Joshna is a chef, author & activist who cares a lot about people's relationship with food. She works to rebuild food systems in public institutions putting hospitality and sustainability as a top priority.

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Take advantage of the delicious seasonal produce that's starting to become available and try a simple & easy Cucumber Salad recipe from @joshnamaharaj that's ready in 10 minutes! For the full recipe, click the link in our bio.

#NourishingStudents #WholesomeEating #SeasonalEating #EatWithTheSeasons

Add these 4 core spices to your spice cabinet for a master blend that can't be beat.

⭐ Coriander
⭐ Cumin
⭐ Turmeric
⭐ Cayenne/chili powder

#NourishingStudents #WholesomeEating #Spices #SpiceBlends

With warmer weather and sunnier days ahead, we're looking forward to all of the wonderful fruit and veggies that'll be in season soon!

For a full list of what's in season in Canada and Ontario, check out the links in our bio.

What's in season in your region of the 🌍 ?

We're so honoured to be included as one of five case studies featured by the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health in their new info sheet!

Along with @sfugradsociety's Emergency Grocery Card initiative at Simon Fraser University, @ulethbridge's Buy a Student a Breakfast initiative, @thepeoplespotato vegan soup kitchen at Concordia University, and @queensustudentaffairs & @queensfood's Swipe it Forward initiative, students and like-minded advocates are working hard across the country to address student food insecurity!

Read all about these amazing initiatives in the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health's info sheet using the link in our bio.

#NourishingStudents #WholesomeEating #StudentFoodInsecurity #CampusInitiatives #StudentAction

A New blog post is up on our website! Our very own Project Lead @jenmitsche has written a great reflection on the current state of student food insecurity in Canada, and what the path forward to a better campus food culture can look like. Check it out using the link in our bio!

"An inclusive, healthy, and sustainable food culture is one that includes opportunities for skill building, knowledge production, local healthy food, and communal eating – it’s one that builds a culture of care."

#NourishingStudents #WholesomeEating #BetterCampusFood #NewBlogPost

We're going Live with CLP's own @joshnamaharaj, our #DalhousieUniversity Student Researcher Isabel, and @lusu_tbay's VP Advocacy @sanjanaa.sharmaa this Monday, March 21 at 6pm EST!

As we prepare for our #CrossCanadaCookAlong on March 24, we want to talk about what a better campus food culture could look like. Join us and add your voice to the conversation!

See you there!

#NourishingStudents #WholesomeEating #IGLive #Live #StudentFoodSecurity #CampusFoodCulture #StudentAdvocacy

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