The Project

The Communal Lunch Project highlights the social function of food to address two issues disproportionately represented in the post-secondary student population: food insecurity and social isolation. Grounded in performance theory and food security theory, the project proposes another way of doing lunch on campus.

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Welcome to the Communal Lunch Project!

Chef Joshna Maharaj introduces the intentions for the Learn section.


“The project serves students in different parts of the country in a way that has not been accomplished until now. A simple homemade dish made by one’s hands can go a long way, mentally and physically, in a student’s life.”

— Himani Deshpande, Carleton University, ‘21 and Project Assistant, 2020-2021

“It was wonderful, thank you! I learned new ways to connect with food and prepare meals…Who knew turnips, and a potato-based meal, could be so delicious!”

— Student participant, Virtual Cook-along, George Brown College

“I learned that there are so many students like me who are passionate about food but sometimes feel uninspired to cook for themselves. The evening got me excited to get creative with recipes, buy different produce, and get after it!”

— Sophie Lalonde-Bester, McGill University, ‘21

“I make plans to cook at home, but I always end up ditching those plans and instead ordering out. And doing it this way…on a meeting where I know I have to do it, and I have the ingredients ready – it helps me actually cook at home.”

— Student participant, Virtual Cook-along, Regina

“Loved it! Gave me something fun, healthy, and affordable to do in a stressful exam time.”

— Student particpant, Virtual cook-along, Dalhousie

“I normally don’t turn on my camera over Zoom, but this online environment made me feel very comfortable to do so. It was a great way to decompress after a long week at school. I loved the produce box, and the meals were delicious!”

— Student participant, Virtual cook-along, Lakehead

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